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Sydänlanka (‘Heartwire’) is a fresh North Karelian association that inspires habitants in the province to take care and enjoy the abundance of the natural environment, share community and to strengthen the connection with nature.

Active members of Sydänlanka organize workshops, excursions, cultur- al events, sharing circles, community workshops and spending time together, caring, sharing and rooting as a collective.

We organize activities according to the natural cycle, listening to the people and valuing their strengths and resources. Everyone can suggest an event or create a circle around an exciting subject or activity.
Events are affordable. The majority of events are free of charge for members. You can come as you are and become acquainted with the activity, on a trial basis, before to decide whether to sign up as a member.

One of the most powerful resources is the dreams of people. We encourage you to dream, visualize, be creative, play, and strengthen the connection with yourself and the world that surrounds you.

People gather together to dream, envision and explore their intuitiveness collectively. This includes; dance jams, excursions, gathering around the campfire or in the heat of sauna. In such happenings, insightfulness and positive intentions have arisen.

An important part of activity is the gathering and preservation of natural resources; wild food, berries, herbs etc. It is easier to participate in a gathering workshop than to try collect and store everything alone. With a few hours of collaboration, it is possible to preserve a large amount of nutrition for your own needs and for sharing with your loved ones.

We come together for the construction of a greenhouse as well as creating a vegetable garden, everything is created together in a harmonious manner. Such are the community workshops!
In addition, we organize workshops for the production of organic commodities such as soap, salvas, beeswax candles etc.

The results of workshops.

Soap workshop at Christmas time.

In spring 2018 Sydänlanka organized a community workshop for the construction of a greenhouse and several fermentor’s clubs were held. Similar activities have also taken place in previous years, when members of the association have come together to build greenhouses and to refurbish old habitats for residential use.

Sydänlanka people have always been interested in producing and preserving the nutrient-rich harvest of nearby nature.